Courier Bags

Courier Bags

Our Supra & ShurTuff® range of Courier Bags offer a lightweight, versatile packing solution for non-fragile items. These post bags are high-strength, tear-resistant and water-resistant providing protection from the elements. The tamper-resistant, self-seal closure and opaque finish keeps the contents of the bag safe and secure.

Bubble Bags (JiffyLite®)

Bubble Bags

Jiffy® Bags are known world-wide for their excellent standard of protective mailers. Heavy-duty bubble bags are tough on the outside and soft on the inside, making them the Number 1 choice for sending heavier items. Their professional finish, light weight material and burst-free finish make them an economical and safe way to send items.

Bubble Mailers (Mail Lite® )

Bubble Mailers

Jiffy Mail Lite® Bubble Mailers combine layers of bubble wrap with a laminated polyethylene outer shell for maximum protection and durability against the elements. These water and tear resistant bubble wrap mailers are almost indestructible providing improved security while being incredibly light, helping reducing postage costs.

Poster Boxes

Poster Boxes

Poster Boxes are an economical and durable solution for storing or mailing documents such as charts, maps or posters. The boxed design provide extra rigidity and strength for safe transport and looks professional. This is a great alternative to document tubes as they are more economical and easier to recycle.

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About Mailers and Courier Bags

Getting the right packaging bag is important. Zippy Packaging offers a large range of top quality mailers for every occasion including Jiffy Courier Bags, Jiffy Bubble Mailers and Jiffy Padded Envelopes. Their premium appearance and durability provides superior protection and safe keeping of items while enhancing corporate image.

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