Integrated Labels

A simple yet brilliant idea! Integrated Labels are A4 sized sheets with a self-adhesive label(s) embedded into the sheet. Ideal for printing both an address label and invoice in one document, saving time, eliminating product mismatches and making despatch fast and easy.

500 sheets
per box.

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Integrated Labels
Shipping Labels
Packaging Labels
Invoice Labels
ProductProduct CodeLabel Sizes
Width x Depth
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Single Label F

Single Label F

SL-F 122mm x 48mm $39.90 $35.90$33.40$29.90
Single Label Trademe

Single Label Trademe

SL-TRADEME 86mm x 32mm $39.90 $35.90$33.40$29.90
Peel-Out Labels

Single Label B

SL-B 85mm x 54mm $39.90 $35.90$33.40$29.90
Embedded Labels

Single Label C

SL-C 100mm x 45mm $39.90 $35.90$33.40$29.90
Invoice Labels

Single Label D

SL-D 110mm x 80mm $39.90 $35.90$33.40$29.90

Single Label Perforated EP

SL-EP 190mm x 100mm $39.90 $35.90$33.40$29.90
Peel-Off Labels

Double Label DL-B

DL-B Two Labels 85mm x 54mm $39.90 $35.90$33.40$29.90
Integrated Dispatch Labels

Double Label Perforated FP

DL-FP Two Labels 89mm x 84mm $39.90 $35.90$33.40$29.90